First Presidential Debate


As the JR sheep that I am I was rooting for Tulsi and hoping she would be real but she, like everyone, put on her politician costume.

John Delaney struck me as the only one who would answer questions. EW is a second class, unoriginal version of bernie.

Until the US adopts a second language it’s probably best to keep the discussion in a single language.

The only guy who seemed mildly reasonable was Beto.

the us should never adopt a second language. they should learn american!.

Not presidential debate, Democratic Debate

as our great President said, “BORING!”

Exactly^ lol.

It was a primary debate where everyone is just trying to capture soundbytes. I have a friend who bailed on going to a rockies game because he would rather watch the debate than go drink a beer with me and watch a baseball game.

sooo dumb.

Kind of weird how people don’t need to answer the question in the debates, since no judges declare a winner in the end. So, there is incentive to just go off on a tangent and ignore the script.

I wish they wore an electric collar and the moderator could shock them every time they started to trail off or avoid the topic all together.

So you say you want health care for all, free college, and open boarders etc. Please tell us how you plan to accomplish this, you have 15 minutes to provide a high level overview with no precursors into what said other administration did wrong or anecdotal stories. You will be zapped each time you get derailed. Begin.

Or more realistically speaking - there is a 15-20 minute penalty where that candidate is not asked a question or can they speak. There needs to be some type of repercussion. Better yet, if a candidate purposely gets sidetracked Howard Sims comes tap dancing on stage and ushers that candiate out via broom.

AOC the only real one.

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Mu favorite part is when they ask Bernie how he would break up the large banks.


i wonder if it was the same parking lot very fake news CNN used for this:


Why are they all wearing all white anyways?

edit: Wait a second. . from last nights debate: “All economists agree that carbon pricing works, you just have to do it right”.

I thought that this was not true?

Warren killed it, had actual policy proposals and defended her actions. Beto was good looking, well spoken, but had the depth of of a small puddle when it came to a policy. Every one else was kind of forgettable.

Everyone was weirdly flexing their Spanish. I’d be more concerned with their policy impact on the Hispanic community rather than their ability to roll their rs.

Almost turned it off when the DNC dude said that there were 450 days until the next election. This starts wayyyyy to early.

on a more interesting topic, this came across my DJ newsfeed just now…

KKR to Sell KCF Technologies to SKC: KKR

the acronym store called and they’re running out of you!


id vote republican at this point. i dont mind increasing taxes. but to spend on people who dont even belong here is such a waste.

but my vote doesnt really matter in cali.

Who’s the libertarian candidate I’ll be throwing my vote away on?

I agree that we should provide free healthcare for illegal immigrants… BUT… decriminalizing illegal immigration? WTF? Am i missing something? Won’t it just mean anyone can come here, stay illegally and then get citezenship (eventually)? What am i missing?