First read done...and now?

Hi guys,

i finished to read my 5 Schweser books and I feel like that i still don’t have a very solid grasp in every subject. I am wondering if it is better to do exercices only or have a second read of the entire curriculum…the exam is in june and i fee like i may have not enough time…

For example…i struggle to commit to memory all financial ratios, reporting conventios and list of requirements/characteristics…i am not very good in cramming

What’s your advice? What will you /or have you do/done after the first read?

thank you


My strategy :

  • after the 1st reading I immediately started the 2nd

  • covering about 50 pages of schweser books each day + making flashcards + solving EOC questions in curriculum

  • twice a day - morning and evening I review all the flashcards I wrote + ethics

And to be quite honest I’m amazed how easy it is now to understand and comprehend this stuff once you read it again

Do not read again. Start practice problems and take notes on problems you miss or don’t understand. Then, as you get closer to the exam, take mock exams under real exam conditions.

If you started reading (for example) Econ in December and suddenly start doing practice problems on it today, my guess is it’s going to look like a foreign language and you aren’t going to get very far.

While I agree hammering out practice problems is the best way to practice, it might make sense to at least do a second, albeit lighter, read through. Especially if you’re using Schweser books as that’s light to begin with. Skim the common sense stuff, maybe do a deeper dive on the more difficult LOS’s and then try some practice problems.

Topics you just finished reading are one thing, but going in cold on stuff you haven’t looked at in months may just leave you feeling lost and freak you out. Even just skimming the chapters again can help substantially. That was my experience at least.

^ this

Reading is passive studying. Doing is active studying. But what do I know…

EDIT: I will say this though now that I think of it - I did devote about a week after I finished reading to going over all of the summaries and formulas from each book (1 book a day). But to reread everything is lunacy.

Sorry, wasn’t trying to say you were wrong, just offering kind of a middle ground approach from a full re-read to a much lighter skim. A refresher if you will.

I just personally know I couldn’t go do practice problems on topics I read once three months ago. Your mileage mary vary…