First saturday!

Today was the first Saturday after the level one exam and it was awesome. It rained all day, i ran errands, stood in various lines and got soaked as i walked from shop to shop. But all of that didn’t matter, because I was able to do everything i needed to and not feel guilty about being away from my books! What a day! Now bring on Hatton Vs Mayweather.


It really was great spending time with my boyfriend yesterday w/o havign to be bugged dby that nagging feeling of the looming exams. Wonderful. Time for some retail therapy

They first week after a CFA exam is always the best. The new found feeling of freedom.

I heard that fight wasn’t bad, but UFC vs Boxing? Give me arm bars and reverse naked chokes (!!) any day!

The fights were fantastic; way better than the last snoozer of a PPV.

I played golf in the AM and watched the UFC that night. And all the while I had a weird feeling like I had waaaaaaaaaaay too much spare time. Don’t think I am over it yet…

same here. didn’t know what to do with all the free time i had over the weekend… sleep? errands? christmas shopping? sleep? football? it was awesome, to say the least…

UFC rules any day… ok back to Corp finance…only six months to go