First they kill the penny, now they're putting naked women on their money

Please tell us our Canadian friends, what’s going on up there? Personally, I think the picture of the Queen looks like a loin cloth for the Jolly Green Giant.

If it’s wrong to like naked women than I don’t want to be right.

Society has gone way overboard. It’s a statue, it’s what people look like. It’s fine.

Now, if it started to depict porn, then let’s object.

I wonder if 12 year old Canadian boys will start hiding twenties and a magnifying glass under their mattresses?

I wonder what is the formal written explanation for this choice. Most likely something about “hoes”.

It disgusts me that the Vimy memorial has been reduced to “naked women” by pundits.

saw the story on drudge

I imagine every chick I see how’d she look naked, so this 20 is fine in my book.