first time FRM taker

hey everyone,

are the official FRM textbooks enough to take the test? i keep seeing people talking about supplementing their study with bionic turtle, schweiser etc… are these necessary? just to give some background, i have a degree in business administration (finance) and passed the cfa level 1.

the problem i have is, the books for the cfa level 1 test were “right.” what i mean by that is that they explained everything very well and worked from the basics up. the FRM books however seem to assume you know a lot of things already and dont give any background.

can someone please give me some feedback on this? thanks!

Hi John, As you have cleared cfa 1 and have a degree in finance, I am assuming you have basic knowledge of finance. What I suggest to you, just go for 1 type of book either GARP or schweser or BT or any other prep. Along with this, just remember to practice previous exam questions which you can get topic wise in the hand book by Philip Jorian. Though it is not compulsary to go for Philip Jorian, you can get these questions from different resources available in the market. Good luck. If you any doubts/queries feel free to post.

hi John if you are able to finish the GARP books it is the best to do with. And it depends on you that what kind of books you preffered.