First Time Post: Study Guide/Timing Question

Hey all, Wish I would have known about this site before Level 1. Just got L1 results and passed, have two questions about L2. 1. Which study provider are you preferring? I used the entirety of Kaplan for L1 and have to admit, I was disappointed. The QBank/Practice Exams were not worth it in my opinion, the question difficulty was significantly less than what were on the CFA Mocks/Practice. I’m leaning towards Elan. 2. Is it even worth attempting L2 in June? Specific factors are I’m also taking all four parts of the CPA currently, (should finish in April). Thanks a ton!

If you scroll down you’ll find many threads just like this one, but in a nutshell everyone will tell that a 4-month turnaround for L2 from Dec L1 is ridicuously hard. Gonna give it a go myself along with most regular posters on this site who just completed L1 as well it seems.

WRT prep material, seems to be the consensus that Schweser is too easy for L2 and therefore can leave one underprepared, although I’ll be using it again. The difference this time is that I will spend atleast sometime opening the CFAI material which I didn’t even bother with for L1.

The difficulty seems to be the item set format of the questions which Schweser don’t seem to tackle as well as the CFAI or Ellan material.

As mentioned above, if you scroll down you’ll see your points raised and answered almost every day.

Good luck with your studies.