First time takers who are living on the bubble where you at

Background on me: took only two full mock exams (that was my first mistake) and got a 55 on one, and a 64 on another. Granted, these exams 2 and 3 from the schweser volume two book. Most poeple I have talked to say that schweser was harder than the real thing and furthermore volume two was harder than volume 1.

So given that I got a band 9 score (55) on the hardest one, and a borderline pass (64) on the second hardest one, I feel I am on the bubble. Also, for what its worth, I felt the real thing was easier than BOTH mocks I took. Not significantly easier, but certainly easier.

Am i being too confident thinking that I have a shot with a 55 and a 64 being my scores? I really truly do think that the real thing was easier. Lay it on me

I am also a first time taker. Was getting 70+ in Schweser and did 8+ mocks - pretty sure I passed.

First time taker, did all topic tests, took CFAI mock and scored 58%, repeated topic tests and Took the same mock again after the second pass on topic tests and scored 94%. So i only did one mock and i also feel a bit too confident. Only very few pure guesses on the exam and thought it was much easier than TTs or CFAI mock. But you never know …

Same here 63% on CFAI mock. Pretty sure I failed, too many guesses. I took three mocks and all in the low 60s. I’m ready to start studying around January, the December turnaround was too tough. I crammed 350 hours into a few months but studying that much per day doesn’t translate to quality study time.

so you think low 60s on schweser= a fail?

I didn’t use Schweser, used Wiley. We’re too close for comfort, you can flip a coin with mocks like ours. Next time around I want to crush the mocks so I don’t have to worry.

I feel you. for level one towards the end I got a 78 and 75% on mocks…i want that feeling again. I heard the MPS is typically around 63 though…

you win some you lose some…

don’t worry about it now. enjoy life! you’ve got 7 weeks until the results come out. If you pass - great! If you fail, not the end of the world. You know your weak areas both in material and your study approach and it will make you that much stronger.

don’t dwell

Took L1 in December and got a new job right after the L1 result came out, so coming in I was a little pressed for time and tried to focus on what I thought were going to be the core testable concepts going in

As a result, my mock scores before the test were all over the place. I took the first Schweser test a month ago just as a guage to see what I needed to reread and got a 55 AM 55 PM and at that point I had just read the books and hadn’t really tried to master anything.

This past week I took off from work to do mocks exclusively. Schweser 2 vol1, 77AM 57 PM. Schweser 3 vol 1, 65 AM 55 PM. Then I took the CFAI mock on wed. I was pressed for time that day so I just went right straight through 120 questions no break. 63 AM, 45 PM…that’s right, I scored a 45 3 days before the exam. I am willing to say that I fried my brain on the first half and not taking a break pretty much made the result of the second half useless but I was freaking out none the less. Thurs I took Schweser 1 vol 2 and scored 70AM 65PM which enstilled a little hope back in me. Just focused on flashcards fri.

Two takeaways from the mocks. 1.) I always score way higher on the AM section as evidenced by the 77, 65, 63, 70 compared to the 57, 55, 45, 65. On level 1 and 2 I found the AM section easy and the PM sections much more difficult, so I’m wondering if that is a known thing and the mocks try and simulate the differences in difficulty. Either that or I actually fry my brain taking the first half. 2.) I knew some things very well and others had no clue but for the things I had no clue on they were one off questions that were so random I didn’t think we’d ever really be tested on them. That’s the nature of the mocks, they try and cover all the material even though we know they can only ask so much in 120 questions.

I said going into level 1 that I had done like 6,000 practice questions in total and prob averaged 65%. So if they just pulled questions from the 4000 I got right I’d get a 100. I felt like those were the questions on the morning half and the afternoon half was 50 50 of each. I felt that way about the tests for both levels with am being easy and pm being a toss up. Passed level 1 comfortably so hopefully it’ll be a similar result but I am not confident.

I’d be real surprised if a 55 was a band 9. Let’s conservatively say mps is 77/120, 64%. Don’t forget the bands represent percentages of the pool and you’re right at the fattest part of the curve so it takes less to get there.

If I had to guess I’dgenerously say within 4 questions is a band 10 and within 5-8 for the 9’s gets you to 57.5% bare minimum, likely higher if the dispersion is tight.

so youre saying a 55% is more likely a band 7/8?

I’d call it a strong 8 given the perceived difficulty level this year. Guess my point is in that range the margin is pretty thin.

What do you expect the MPS is? 63ish as usual?

Reason I ask is that I got a 64 on one of the tougher mocks on volume two. And I certainly felt better about the real thing than that mock I took…


Tom Brady would’ve crushed that exam cold! I think it might be 64 and maybe the 76’s get in w/ ethics based on reactions. Hopefully it’s not that close for us, feel like I’m right in that ballpark too.

I dont understand the people who get low to mid 70s on mocks and freak out. an 80/120 is a CLEAR pass.

I personally hope the MPS is closer to 62/63. If the MPS is 62 on the dot then all of a sudden i like my chances alot more.

My average on mocks was mid 70s but this exam was a bit different from the mocks which is my concern. Even though I was locked in i hoped I didnt make any foolish calculator errors.

My average from six Schweser mocks was 77,5%, official mock - 71%, and I have no comfort at all.