First timer to Schweser- Help on Q-Bank

Can anyone tell me how to use the Q-Bank. It looks confusing. There are questions under *Browse LOS *Browse Questions Which ones do I use. Please help?

Well, click on the browse LOS and wowwy, get questions based on LOS headings…choose your LOS you are reading and do questions on it. Browse Questions: never used it.

Use Test Management Create exams and take them that way.

Thanks Trek7000, I just called up Schweser and they told me to go to the “Test Management” tab and create exams for each reading session. Thought this might help.

Thanks Guys, Topher, Is using test managment sufficient, ?Do you look at the questions on Browse LOS and browse questions?

there are three separate modes of using QBank. Browse LOS -> allows you to answer “concept” questions on specific LOS on an LOS by LOS basis. Browse Questions -> gives you the question and answer to questions specific to an LOS, without allowing you to answer the question. Directly gives you the answer. Test Management - gives you a bigger qbank pool, and here the questions are at the level of the reading itself, anything on the reading is testable. FYI.

Thanks Guys, I get it now.