Fisher equation

In the Econ section, we have: Forward rate * (1+DC) = Spot * (1+FC) in the Derivatives and PM sections, we have: Fwd * ( 1+ FC) = Spot * (1+DC) the DC and FC are switched (domestic currency and foreign currency). why are they different? is it because the way the currency is quoted (direct versus indirect quotes)?

Yes, you have to define how the currency is being quoted. You need to be careful if you are talking about prices or exchange rates as well. I just remember my base case of direct quotes of exchanges, adjust (invert) if needed: F _(dom/for) = So_(dom/for) * [(1 + i_dom)/(1 + i_for)] With this formula my exchange rate is domes/for, and my adjusting multiplier is (1+i_dom)/(1+i_for)

Thanks SeesFA.