Fishy CFA II results

I’m still unable to swallow my result. I lost focus on work and my morale is damaged big time. This is primarily because of the disappointment associated not only with having failed but also with the band I was placed in “band 4.” I just strongly feel that something is really wrong and I gather from the other posts that few other CFA II exam takers had the same feeling this year. What are the chances that the CFAI mistakenly failed some candidates and how can we possibly find out for sure? I don’t seem to be yet getting over it…

Chances are it was not a mistake that many people who should have made it didn’t. Sh!t happens and I would hope you will not take it personally as it is not a reflection of your character. Just try to tough it up again. It’s not a fair process requiring a great deal of luck on top of being extremely well prepared for anything. It just takes determination. The more you try, the greater your chances of success. Go out, have fun with friends, family, pets…etc You will be ok, you are not alone. I actually think retakers have an advantage for next year. The low 42% pass includes a lot of retakers. The real 1st timers pass rate is even lower…maybe even 27% [I’m guessing]. Most people choke on L2 for a while then clear it so don’t feel bad.

If you really think they are mistaken, you could get a retabulation. There’s nothing much you can do other than that.

if 100 dollars eases your mind, why not. keep your eye on the ball. its your name, and not the letters after it that matter. have confidence in yourself. don’t let this forum get to you. you know what you know. if the test did not reflect that, that is a problem with the test not you. i too failed, identical band, completely shocked at my result. not so much the ‘fail’ as the band, and the results. what i did not know, i scored high, what i studied insanely, low. is that me, or the test? we can obsessively retake l2 until we pass. and likely, we will pass the 2nd time. but if not, there is a good case to walk away from this nonesense. all those hours can be put towards advancing ones career in a focused manner. warren buffet is not a cfa. excuse me, not a cfa charterholder. i didn’t score so high in ethics :slight_smile:

I am still digesting my 2nd fail at this moment. 1st band 7; 2nd band 9. No matter which band you was at, fail was a fail. In my case, quiting the program is harder than reading the same materials again and again. So I choose to sit for 2010 exam.

Not to sound like a moron. But its better to identify your weak areas in preperation and plug them.

they had a lot of tricky questions this year. I found myself rubbing out loads of answers and choosing a different one after checking my choices at the end. I’ve hardly ever done this in any exam before. Many of the questions required a lot of thought and were not simply testing if you remembered a formula. So plenty of people who felt they knew the material as well as they should, ended up marginally failing. And Band 4 isn’t as bad as it sounds. The 3 choices (rather than 4) raised the monkey score from 25% to 33% and the difficulty of the paper must have lowered the top scores so the distribution was probably very leptokurtic. I bet there was only a mark or 2 between the bands so you might have just got unlucky with a few of the tricky ones. Nothing fishy - just unusual circumstances this year lead to a few anomalies

Boy, oh boy!!! That’s the first year when people who failed has come and speak about that on the forum… in the late years people who failed just leaved the forum in silence…

d11j0d Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I found myself rubbing out loads … at the end. I’ve hardly ever done this in any > exam before. heh heh

Band 7 last year and Band 4 this year (with way more studying). I felt something was up with my result. If it’s your first year, don’t even sweat it. They key is EOC problems and operationalizing the problems.

Band 4 in 2008 and band 7 2009. I would recomend you to search up the forum: every possible learning strutegy was invented and discussed here, you also know what work and what did not work (since in 2009 you know what tht dude wrote in 2006, 2007 etc).

dspapo Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > d11j0d Wrote: > -------------------------------------------------- > ----- > > I found myself rubbing out loads … at the > end. I’ve hardly ever done this in any > > exam before. > > heh heh Goodness …that must have been quite a disturbing sight

I think the exam was just extremely hard and everyone that showed up was well prepared. I really smart guy I sudied with was B3. (I was B9.) It’s not like L1 where people who watch cnbc still show up.