Fitch Learning for Level 1?

I recently enrolled for the 2014 June Level 1 exam and just started studying around 2 weeks ago. When I was browsing the material I realized I need something more dynamic. I realized Fitch Learning has an interesting program with online portals that can track your progress and it seems good.

Has anyone used it? Do you recommend it???

Thank you!

You can’t go wrong with Schweser for Level 1. Personally, I liked Elan Guides the better out of the two.

For tracking progress, I created an excel worksheet and tracked hours and readings completed weekly.

Another question: Just out of curiosity, in how much time did you completed the curriculum and started reviewing?

Thank you in advance!

^ for Dec attempt, started in June. Studied off and on. got serious in august. finished nov 1st week i think. Then review and mocks. i don’t recall if i passed any of the mocks i attempted. passed level I in first attempt though.

used Elan for both levels and their notes are top notch.

Thanks for the input!