Fixed Income CFA Level 1 Question - Convexity

Assuming a 3 year bond, 10% coupon with semi annual compounding, required yield 9%, calculate the convexity.

The answer provided is 8.2135

My calculation using the below convexity formula:

(Vminus + Vplus) minus 2Vzero (divided by) [Vzero multiplied by (delta Y)square]

gave me convexity as 32.87145538

Also, wanted to know whether 4.5 I/Y and 5 PMT are correct to be used for calculation. I considered +1% change ie. 5.5% and -1% change ie. 3.5%.

Could anybody help here.

Greetings friend! Here is how I would approach it, perhaps someone has a better explanation in which case Iโ€™ll defer to them:

  1. to get current value of the bond:
    FV=1000, PMT=50, I/Y=4.5, N=6 โ†’ computed PV= 1,025.79

  2. to get bond value if yield increases 1% (annualized yield goes to 10% now, so 5% semi-annually):
    FV=1000, PMT=50, I/Y= 5, N=6 โ†’ computed PV= 1,000

  3. to get bond value if yield decreases 1% (annualized yield = 8% now, so 4% semi-annually)
    FV=1000, PMT =50, I/Y=4, N=6 โ†’ computed PV= 1,052.42

So your convexity approximation formula is:
[(1,052.42 + 1,000) - (2 x 1,025.79)]/[1,025.79 x (0.01^2)] = 0.84/0.1026 = 8.19

Which is approximately their answer, probably you can get the same answer by different rounding of decimals.

Cheers - good luck - you got this :+1:

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thanks a lot Greybeard_The_Elder. got it now. :+1:

my answer is 8.2145 now. I was wrong earlier when I calculated like this: 9รท2=4.5%, so +1% increase ie. 5.5% and -1% decrease ie. 3.5%.

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Coolness :+1: