Fixed Income- Credit Strategies/ Errata Update

I was just going through the Errata for Reading 25 and found that the example 2 of the reading has been updated.

Here is the link to the errata

Now, maybe I am missing something but why have they added the G spread computed earlier to the new interpolated yield to arrive at the new corporate bond yield?


This is so frustrating. I’m looking at this too. I know they changed this last year right before the test. The errata is clearly wrong too so I don’t know what to think. The second step in the calculation they show as (66.7% x 7.96) + (33.3% x 9.88) = 7.96. This is wrong and blows up the entire calculation.also I still have no idea know to do G spread

I am just mugging it up now, there seems to be no logic to it. :confused:

The last updated errata is dated April 17.

1 week left. IMO, there should be no more errata released.

If there are mistakes, and the test includes that material, CFA should just eat the mistake. Calculate the MPS first, and then go back and give everyone on those problems the full points and then determine who passed/failed.