Fixed Income & Derivatives - QBank stinks for these

How do you study for these 2 subjects? These seem to be my weakest areas, but in QBank I score 80%+ in both areas. It seems like every other question in QBank for these is calculating bond payments or duration, so I don’t feel like I’m improving in these areas. So what are your secrets for these 2 topics?

The key thing with FI is the terminology on the exam. It is important to know how to calculate the other parts of fixed income products, but focus more on the terminology for the next month. The 1 formula to get more familiar with could be for calculating duration. That seemed pretty important in the June exam.

Thanks. Do you think studying the end of chapter summaries in the CFAI texts is a good strategy?

Are you studying from the CFAI books or a program like Schweser? When I took the level I exam I thought that the Schweser material did a good job of seperating the important terminology. I didn’t even touch the CFAI books in the fixed income section.

I’m mainly using Schweser. I asked about the end of chapter summaries because they seem to always include terminology, and also main points that are obviously good to know.

do th FI questions in the CFA books