Fixed Income & Portfolio Management- Past AM questions

Guys- just looking to confirm that with the curriculum change/revision, most of past AM are not relevant for fixed income and portfolio management topics?

I know there are couple of other readings- such as one reading on institutional policy stmt, that has also been taken out.

It is scary a bit (especially for AM portion), on how these two topics be tested!!

Would suggest 2018 curriculum has been significantly revised,not a news i guess for anybody at this stage, but more of a realization how many of those past AM questions are not relevant anymore for practicing.

Bump…pls confirm and thx

Yes, you are right. Especially Fixed Income, apart a few small questions, this is a completely rewritten topic and old mocks are unfortunately irrelevant.

Both Asset Allocation and Fixed Income have been re written. In past papers, Questions from these topics have become irrelevant.

However, in curriculum, no sample questions have been provided that raise serious concerns over these topics.