Fixed Income Research

I was asked to interview for a fixed income research position today with a firm that has $50B AUM. Job description is to provide investment recommendations for fixed income securities (primarily corporate bonds) across investment grade and high yield securities, develop and maintain written analysis, financial models, and credit analysis on assigned issuers; and develop industry relationships with rating agencies and sell-side analysts. I did fixed income research a few years back but it wasn’t this kind of research, it was more of looking at mutual funds, hedge funds, etc… I see a lot of people saying how ER has no light at the end of the tunnel and that the industry is being consolidated. Do any of you see the same thing happening with fixed income research?

most people saying ER is dead mean sell side. Buy side will always have a need for analysts to sift through all the crap, this seems like buy side so youd be fine.

AI is taking over my friends