Fixed Income salaries

Anyone familiar with Fixed Income salaries? What kind of comp (base+bonus) would you expect from the following Analyst position:

Required exp 1-2 years CFA designated or progression towards CFA Small shop with a very few people, $450M AUM

What is the job? “Analyst” can mean a lot of things. Can you paste the description?

Execute and allocate trades among various accounts based on the portfolio model Monitor portfolio performance, generate performance reports Supporting the Chief Investment Officer with analysis of fixed income markets Work on proprietary models (VBA experience a plus)

Because it’s a small shop you’ll probably end up doing a lot of random things inlcuding trading, analysis, peformance measurement/reporting, etc.

Sounds like a not too bad job. If you’re in some place expensive, I would guess $70k base + up to $50k bonus. Actual compensation might vary wildly from this estimate. Also, this goes without saying, but don’t make big decisions based on your starting pay. Focus on your pay 3 years or so in the future.

I understand that it’s better to look at the big picture and think few years down the road as oppose to now. However I already have a few years of corp finance/development (transaction) experience and wouldn’t want to take a pay cut. At the same time I think it’s a lot more exciting to work in a trading environment at the heart of the markets, and that’s why I’m considering this role.