fixed income - suggestions

hi, i am revising fixed income. At the time when I looked at the material I was working on question bank at the same time however i was not getting the scores I wished for. could someone please guide as to whether i should re do the questions from question bank again and highlight the ones I got wrong. Then do schweser concept checkers + cfai and finally re work the problems on book 6 and 7 for this particular topic. Any suggestions appreciated…

I would do the concept checkers with the challenge problems and move on. I would leave the Qbank for last after you do all the exams and you still have time because when you do an actual exam you will find that it is completely different than doing Qbanks.

i have nearly done all the questions from Qbank for fixed income however i am not at reading online and always get many answers wrong. I am not looking forward to the cfa practice exams for that reason. Thanks for your advise.