Fixed Income

Is anyone in Fixed Income? If so what software do you us to analyze the market? Can you tell me the strengths/negative of the software? If was going to learn one software about Fixed Income, which should it be…

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Very nice.

typical masshole - hijacks a forum post to brag about a 6th World Series victory. Add 20, and you’ve got the yankees. More titles than any team in sports. Boston holds a record. It is the most consecutive years in 2nd place. 8 times, never done before, never done after. Very, very impressive. Anyway, to your point. We use Bloomberg. Used to use Thomson and hated it, real data integrity problems.

Just curious, Thompson had bad data? How were you able to discover and verify it? Did you compare with another source, or were there things that “just couldn’t be right.”

Let me get this straight; somebody insults for somebody else for bragging, then, without taking so much as a breath, they start to brag. BRILLIANT!

pshhh bragging is fun, alright? and my dad can beat up your dad any day of the week…