FLASH CARDS just arrived !!!

They are very good – I highly recommend them. No guarantee I will pass, but they look thorough, I am going over the cards for things/books I already read, and they are hitting all the high points. Just throwing it out there for my fellow soldiers. In 2 weeks, it is GAME TIME!!!

Can you tell me where to get this? I have just registered for Dec 2008 L! exams. Appreciate your inputs.

I also have it! However, I think the secret sauce is far better… “just like mama used to make it”

what does secret sauce consist of?

getterdone Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > what does secret sauce consist of? its 200 condensed pages reporting and explain the main topics of the curriculum including formula as well

mmmmmmmmmmmm sauce

getterdone Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > mmmmmmmmmmmm sauce mamma… like pavarotti :slight_smile:

I have SSauce and Flashcards – if you can only get one, FLASHCARDS are better, I think. I recommend both.