Flash Cards -> Memory Retention

Taking CFA L1 in December. Just finished ECO and although I understand the material well, I am afraid retaining it will be a key when the exam date is closer. For this reason, I’m debating whether purchasing flashcards will be beneficial. Do you guys have any suggestions on which one of the providers offer higher quality flashcards? At the least, I’m planning on writing out my own which will just add additional study time.

I am preparing my own flash cards, it’s better to prepare your own flash card (in your own hand writing) since you have lot of time. Moreover, writing one more time (flash card) will register better in your mind and easy to read. I suggest if time permits, take notes if not all at least the topic who find it difficulty. Flip through as frequently asap to retain. I have Stalla flash-cash didn’t find much use when compared to my own flash cards. All the best…

I use stalla flash cards and I love them. In my own opinion I believe, although flash cards are useful, I would much rather be doing problems or refreshing on complex topics then waste time writing out the 800+ LOS included. I think it’s more then that actually. Either way, for around $200, it was a no brainer for me.

why would you write every single LOS? i bought a mini binder for flash cards and as i review in may, i will write down in flashcards only the concepts and formulas that i can’t remember as i do problems. this way, i can carry it everywhere and memorize when i’m waiting in a line, stuck in traffic, during lunchbreak, etc. only those concepts/formulas you can’t remember tho

My thinking was the “mastery of the LOS” mentality. There is so much content in this cirriculum, judging by the binder, whether you are writing the cue cards for the LOS or something else, it takes a lot of time. With that said, its a personal study choice and if it helps, by all means. I’m just saying, for me, the time saved from writing out cue cards I could spend drilling down on problems in qbank and other questions. Plus I write most of my essential notes in the margins and when I return to the content starting in May ill begin writing some of the essentials into secret sauce…just my way of doing things.

I am also writing my own flash cards. I have to agree with cfacowtown; it takes a lot of time. For me though it’s worth it. Really helps me retain it to actually write down the key points to know within each LOS. I don’t write down the actual LOS on the card. I just note the reading and LOS letter. It really is whatever works for you though…