Flash Cards - Sample

I know the L-3 candidates are waiting eagerly for their results. It may not be appropriate to ask any serious stuff now. But, in case, someone can just give me some useful information, I would be really thankful. I never saw any flash card for any SS/LOS. If anyone has information, can you share with me what information should a “Flash Card” have? I would like to see one or two sample “Flash cards” specifically made for L-2/L-3. I would like to make some, at level-3, for the preparation ! Your inputs would really appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Sorry. I saw one sample on schweser.com. But, any tips will be welcome. Thanks.

It’s hard to make cards for L3 because the concepts are so big. It would be fairly easy for some of the asset class topics, like fixed income negative convexity, but for portfolio management concepts you will have a hard time distilling the info. into bullet points on a card. And making cards full of lists will not help much since the test did not require much listing of concepts. I think you are better off with questions than cards, personally. There is a real lack of good / relevant questions to use though, but that is a different problem…

i agree with bromion. the schweser “quick sheet” covered any equations you needed. i did make some flash cards for some of the behavioral questions though.

I agree too plus would say that I did not find the Schweser prepared flash cards helpful for Level 3 because of the “big concepts” covered in the Level 3 LOS.

I made a big stack of flash cards for L3, and there were very few questions where they came in handy. The stuff is just too granular and memorization matters less than other levels.

Thanks a million for all the kind/useful information. You saved lot of my time otherwise would have been wasted. All the best for all those waiting for results.

I found making flash cards really easy for L3. Of course, did not make flash cards for the calculations. Yet, I made tons of flash card by hand for most of the study sessions. Make sure you get the cards with the ring connecting them so you don’t lose them. Write the SS question on the front and then write the answer on the back. It is a really good way to ensure that you learn the SS question. For L1 and L2, I never answered any of the SS questions and passed. I basically studied schweser without focusing on the questions. Bad mistake for L3 as I failed in 2005. I loved making my own cards. Answering the questions helped me learn the SS. I just wouldn’t be able to do this by purchasing the schweser cards. Plus, I took my cards to the gym and read them while on the exercise bike. The cards were a big reason why i passed in 2006.

Wrote my own cards as well (used Schweser’s free ones). Its nice that they write out the LOS for you, but there were a few issues. 1) Some cards didn’t have enough room (There were LOS with 10+ pages) 2) They were REALLY HARD to get out of the booklet 3) Manually tearing the cards (4 cards per page) was very tedious I did carding for Level I and Level III. It really helps you memorize the nitty gritty when it comes to LOS details. The key (especially for LIII) is to be very brief in your writing, and only touch the most points. At the very least, it would help with the institutional investor details. Good luck… We’ll see in August whether the carding was worth the effort.

I think they are a waste of time, but that’s just how I am. I found it better to go through the notes if you are using Schweser, then write down in a notebook any concept you are not 100% sure about. Then re-read the notes and follow the same process, and then finally re-write the notes you took… multiple times if necessary. By then you’ll probably have a good grasp of the material and also have memorized some formulas, lists, etc. This sounds arduous but I think it’s a lot less time-consuming and mundane then writing flashcards for each LOS. Conepts are what’s key… sometimes up to 5 LOS may be part of one concept… if you can group these LOS in your mind and form a concept of the topic I think you’ll be much better off than trying to individualize LOS statements on flash cards.

i bought the flash card but it was totally useless…too brief and you need to input more notes in the empty spaces provided. i suggest writing your own notes are better…the flash card concept is good only for formula