Flash Cards?

So last year I made my own flash cards… anyone use Schweser flashcards and think they are worth the money? Are they just formulas and brief concept summaries… …were they helpful? I am a band ten re-taker trying to get motivated… which means I am familiar with all the concepts but the details are still a bit vague… thanks all

I never used the flash cards. My guess is they are not helpful after March/April

why is that cfa? cuz going through definitions won’t necessarily help you do problems? I can see writing a few equations you’re struggling with and carrying them around…I may just do that…

I used the Schweser flashcards for L1 I and I am using them again for L2. I find that the cards for L2 are way to vague and don’t do a good job of capturing the material. I often add formula’s or concepts onto the cards that I thought were missed or that I am struggling with (a one downside for the L2 cards is they don’t give you extra blank cards like they did for L1). That said, I like having the cards and do think there is value in them. For me, they are a great way to go back and refresh my memory (I keep a set at my desk while at work, and try to take 15 min a day to run through both the topic I just read, and previous topics).

I had flash cards for level 1 and they didnt help me much. Instead I made my own notes/cards from 1)end of chapter summaries (of schweser & CFA), 2)few imp slides from schwesser class and 3)all the tables/matrix (kind of summary) from material. After having the above notes, I thought I gained least/nothing by reading secret sauce and ones own notes are better than flash cards (assuming u prepare notes to target ur weak areas). flash cards, i believe, are mostly geared towards summarizing LOS and dealing with them in apr/may doenst seem like great idea my opinion!

fair enough. I think making them for the several Schweser matrix/tables like you said is a good idea

Thanks all. Maybe I’ll stick with my old set of self made cards and just more where needed. I did find having cards helpful, at least for pure formula type questions

I have the schweser cards. Waste of $149.

i have the schweser cards and haven’t really used them yet. thinking i may have wasted some money here. on the other hand, it took me a long time to create my own cards last year, though i probably learned more in the process.

I made my own flash cards. Took all my study time up for 2 weeks, but it was worth it. All I put on the flash cards was formulas - not much text memorization, just formulas. The last 2 weeks was also a great run-through of the entire syllabus before my 2nd review (just started). In total I think I have around 160 cards or so. I go through them at night before bed. Puts me to sleep :slight_smile: Fantastic for retention. I should be all through my 2nd run through by my first live mock exam May 7th, then 2nd live mock exam May 21st. Then 2 weeks of non-stop CFA loving until June 4th. Band 6’er here, looking to slay the dragon finally… I started studying in September :slight_smile: