Flashcards - Schweser

Hi Has anyone purchased the Schweser Flashcards? And found them to be useful…? I dont have time to make my own. They cost an additional $90. AJ

I was wondering this as well, I’ll probably end up buying them anyways just cause I like to have them but haven’t taken the time to make them this time around. For L1 I had like 200 cards.

I bought them and use them everyday when I commute. For me it is very helpful.

I have the Level 2 Flash Cards which I’ll never use. (Work paid) Email me if you are interested. sabbathblack81@hotmail.com Price $45

An arbitrageur - possibly traingular arbitrage? I must now find a job that does this and sit for every exam possible!!! What a great idea

I would like to buy them, I live in LA can u tell me how we can exchange

I have Stalla ones but I prefer to make my own and I’ve looked at them once for Quant. I don’t know…even people at Stalla say it’s better to make your own…when you write, you retain.

I made fun of these flashcards for two months after I received them. I now use them every night before sleep and every morning when I wake up - love having the actual LOS on the card.