I am contemplating getting a pack of flashcards this time since my work involves lot of ‘working-together-to-implement-a-code-logic’ thingy. I don’t know if this specific learning tool will help, but thinking of it like this - even if I am able to read 10 cards on my commute, office, gym wherever… I would be glad that I bought the pack. So for AFers who have used Schweser and/or Stalla flashcards. Which one did you find useful and worth a buy? Schweser Flashcards - $149 Stalla Flashcards - $195 btw, I am a complete Schweser boy. In fact I have a schweser pen, a t-shirt and schweser socks which I wear to the exam. So it would make most logical sense to get the Schweser ones. But if you all think Stalla does a better job at making flashcards (like they do with those Peter Orlinto Video’s) then I would get those. Anything that helps - Regards d.s

prepare yours.

It’s like buying a costly sophisticated Tracker boat to go fishing in dead sea :frowning:

do your own…cheaper and I think that it is another way to study the materials when you do your own flash cards. Besides you might to add some info that the printed flash cards do not have on them…

Any recommendations? Schweser or Stalla.

the schweser DIY flashcards are garbage. they sent those with the material last year. i looked at the stalla pre-made flashcards at one of their info sessions, and they looked pretty good. each flashcard included a probability of seeing the topic on the exam, which i thought was cool. personally, i think making your own is the best way to go

Even Schweser sells the pre-made ones ($149) and I am leaning towards Schweser as always. I’ll buy those in a couple of days, only if I not hear anything bad about them here. So speak now or stay mum till June.

I used the Stalla for L1 and would highly recommend them. I saw the schweser one’s and think the Stalla one’s are much better. It is true that each system, has it’s own way of describing the material, so you might feel more comfortable sticking to Shweser but the wording and material on the Stalla one’s was great.

No time for flash cards!

Thanks CFA_Cylon & dspapo. Appreciate your honset thoughts. I too liked the sample flashcard per/person they gave for their free sample class they conducted.

I bought schweser flashcards for level I and thought they were a waste of money… you’d be better off drilling q-bank questions

Im selling my brand new Stalla flashcards for less than face if youre interested. shaun.kolnick@gmail.com

Thanks buddy. We’ll meet-up over a coffee and get the ownership transferred :wink:

I don’t think I made it through even one section of the Schweser flash cards. And the do-it-yourself flash card book was completely untouched. I think I’ll give it to my kids for use as a coloring book :-p

Thanks for your feedback guys. I cancelled the Schweser flashcards pack order and getting the Stalla ones from cheros.