Has anyone used them? Are they helpful for retention of the information? - Thanks

self-made ones are great, but i think the schweser ones are garbage

I am using the ones from Stalla and they are pretty good.

I think the pre-printed Schweser ones are good. As long as you read a section, supplement it with CFAI, and then do the flashcards, you can add notes of “other important” stuff to the flashcards. Also, the pre-printed ones save time making your own…

Used 2007 Stalla flash cards at my desk while at work and they have totally totally helped for retention by covering the main ideas. The more times you hammer home the big picture ideas, the better off you’ll be. Highly recommended and i’m a cheap bastard.

dO it youself LOS Cards were my worst experience. Their identical to the ones preprinted by Schweser. You might aswell by blank index cards (color coded if preferred) and write one word (i.e. binomial tree) and on the back draw the diagram/formula. TOO MUCH text on the cards really doesn’t click in…that’s not the purpose of a FLASH card. Plus the do-it-yourself cards come in a book which you have to cut out of the book…I must have ripped 15 cards…it seriously looks like my dog (imaginary) ate some.