Stay safe, ACE!

“This will likely be the storm of a lifetime for portions of the Carolina coast,” the National Weather Service in Wilmington, North Carolina, wrote in its Tuesday evening area forecast discussion. A Wednesday morning forecast discussion said flooding in southeast North Carolina and northeast South Carolina could be “unprecedented”.



I just completed my grocery shopping tonight. I didn’t really feel like going yesterday, so did a quick stage 1 trip last night on my longboard skateboard to the gas station and got about $120 of food. Today did final shopping before stores closed at 7pm and got another $320 in food, so should be enough for 3-4 days. I have 50 chicken eggs and 105 quail eggs. I got a tank of Lemon Lime gatorade powder as theres no way I’m stopping my workouts. I broke my usual no grain focused diet and got 2 loaves of 100% whole wheat bread if needed. Lots of spinach. Massive freezer pack of strawberries. Also got some frozen mangos, fresh sliced cantaloupe and honeydew, granny smith apples, red pears. I got about 4lbs of boiled peanuts last night, but already ate 2lbs. Bunch of other stuff. I should be good. I destroyed everything in my pantry pre-race and all the stores closed today!!! Arghhh what timing. I have a massive amount of Vega though as well. 2 large new Vega all in one canisters (Amazon). Mint Chocolate chip is a new flavor - it is great… my favorite so far.

I actually have a lot of beans I could pressure cook, but not sure how much effort I want to put into hurricane prep. I honestly should have bought more food if I’m not going to have access to a store until Tuesday. But, I think stores are going to be back open Monday, so we will see. Prob just heavy rain, flooding, electricity out on Sat or Sun then slowly open back up Mon/Tues? My complex said the gym is closed, but I don’t think they electronically locked the fobs, so might be able to go there and technically can still go to the MMA gym 24/7 (I went to open mats BJJ Gi today), and have been cycling, so I do have some activities to keep me busy. The black belt that does 11am Saturday BJJ Gi said he would have class as well if possible. He’s pretty good about always wanting to teach/be there for the team. Its kind of funny here though, the people that stay basically get a free 5 day weekend and a lot of people have oyster roasts or hurricane keg parties or something like that. There are a select few restaurants that stay open like (The Shelter - usually) and people just rage there. I was at a hurricane party at The Shelter either last year or the year before last. It was a mandatory evacuation and everyone was supposed to be gone. Evacuated. We were really loud and the cops came and we thought we were getting shut down (there was a band and everything), but it was just the people that lived near trying to sleep and filed a noise complaint - haha. So the cops just told us to keep quiet. Meanwhile, the hurricane was a day away from the shore, but still it wasn’t dangerous that night and we had fun. I think it is bad for local business when the Governor has these premature evacuations. I understand why, but think its nice when local authority respects small business owners staying open and the people just trying to have a good time without hurting anybody or being a risk - I mean its our town.

I ran yesterday morning and rolled gi at lunch as well. Pretty cool that your gym will stay open in the midst of the storm, but I guess they’re used to it down there. I guess the storm surge and continuous rainfall will be the main issues. Hopefully you live on a high floor.

I think the matter is that you expose yourself to say 10% chance of danger in such a situation. So, 9/10 times you’ll be ok, but the one guy who gets hit by a tree probably thought he’d be fine too.

We had a Carolina beach house for about 20 years and were there during a few hurricanes. Each one is different and a Cat 5 would be something I’d take seriously, but the smaller ones were never a big deal at all. Very over-hyped. It’s definitely a use your judgement thing but not as bad as fake news makes it out to be. They will reliably find the one puddle in a 100 mile area and then send all the cameras to it.

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I went thru Irma last year in FL which was I think a Cat 1 or 2. We stayed as the threat seemed modest but I will say that the next time we will definitely leave. No power for 10 days in FL in early September was no fun. Plus you can’t really do much even if there is significant damage.

Irma was a 5 in the ocean and one of the strongest ever recorded in the Atlantic, strongest to make landfall since 2005 (Katrina). Was a Cat 4 when it first hit Florida.

Just saw it’s making landfall as a 2. I stayed at our house in NC through at least a half dozen 1-3’s growing up, no big deal. Construction is good there, it’s a relatively wealthy area with good construction, infrastructure and drainage.


ACE, you batten down the hatches and stay safe!!! :+1:

thanks bro. yeah lets see the schedule: tonight: cycling tomorrow morning: cycling tomorrow evening: cycling saturday: wind surfing yeah should be fine.

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Today I went out in typical cycling gear. Rasta socks to my knees. No shirt. Passed about 100 cops. Oversized headphones? Yes please. Didn’t get stopped once.

Mandatory evacuation? Nahhhh…

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stay safe all

When the good guys are in control of weather modifying technology, you can turn a 4 into a 2. Best possible timeline. Golden Age of Humanity.

hmm Surfline calling it chest to head high clean breaks @ washout

Taking out my 7’4” surfboard and headed to folly. Prob won’t stay out for long, high tide at 12:23. Likely will do some cycling later. Did 58mi yesterday.

Looks like we might not lose power. Wind projections have gone down 55 to 25 for peak tomorrow. I’m kind of excited to see who is in the water surfing - sometimes these sessions are like the good old days. I only see some friends on hurricane swells, in the water.

Ace, what part of Carolina are you in?

I live in Mt. Pleasant (Charleston).

Currently on Sullivan’s Island. Tried to surf crappy waves @ folly this morning but couldn’t get on the island - ID checkpoint for resident addresses by cops and I didn’t have a shirt on and had my 7’4” board in my passenger seat. Possibly suspicious. lol. I didn’t know the cop. I know some but not that one.

Was happy to get on Sullivan’s today. I rode here last night on my bike as well.

I did some running/sprinting work on the beach and also side step / high knees. There was one major news network here earlier and another channel I didn’t recognize. I might be on some network doing odd movements. I tried to avoid the guy with the huge camera but when I passed him the second time, saw him panning my movements so launched past him into a nasty barefoot sprint in 1cm water that I bet looked sick on camera in my bright checkered Volcom boardshorts.

Today when I was hauling ass on the beach, this crazy doberman charged me straight up death / kill style teeth bearing from 20 yards away. I saw it out of the corner of my eye and then all of a sudden it was 3 feet away from me running like 20mph - hauling mother fucking ass. I immediately got the ‘fight’ vibe with this dog and all I had in my hands were my iPhone and a cycling water bottle.

This dog was nuts! They are supposed to be on leashes. It’s ok for normal dogs to come off the leash, but I felt I would have to fight this one.

It charged right for my knee and really came close to nabbing me in the nuts but I turned and deflected this dog and it kind of hit its skull on the side of my knee and grazed past. My adrenaline really spiked.

First thought in my mind - if this dog goes for my ass or Achilles, I will crush its skull with my fist. I can’t deal with that shit. Fucking insane. I kept a solid pace and it didn’t chase me again. I don’t fuck with angry dogs, bro, no way.

There doesn’t seem to be much coverage of the “Super Typhoon” Mangkhut. Not our problem I guess?