My friend who is an unemployed mechanical engineer (fresh grad, cant find a job) wanted me to go out, I said I have to study for CFA. He said it is silly stuff and does not need studying.

I dared him to take the pm mock, if he scores a 70 I go out and all drinks on me.

He scored a 78%, basiclly did not miss a single question that had numbers in it, and reasoned about most of the rest.

No finance background.


LOL…this is awesome.

I’m gonna say BS

Engineers are smart but deriving even TVM on the spot with no background seems a little hard to believe…

Don’t you think anyone who has taken a loan or put money in a bank account can do TVM. Once you have the basic concept down, there goes all three Levels of CFA

Cool story bro

your friend did a search and got the answer sheet

Do you even know what you’re saying? knowing TVM lets someone easily pass L1 2 and 3? Now it just looks like you’re trolling.

Luck or BS

I’m ditching Schweser and CFAI - for next 9 days it’s strictly TVM