Focusing on Essays - Practice Questions Where and How Much?


Just strategizing for the Level 3 and gauging how much time I would need to spend on practicing the Essays which is my biggest concern.

  • How many past exam papers and mock papers did you go through?

  • Where would I be able to obtain the past exam papers and mock papers?

  • Apart from the CFAI books, any book recommendations for practice questions focusing on the Essays?

  • In total how much time, if you are able to segregate, spent on just practicing for the Essays?

Specifically my concern is on the Essays - how to write my answers and need to do homework there.

Familiarity with the constructed response format is pretty critical. We’re not talking formal essays here, I’d recommend finding some videos/classes that cover the format, because getting competent at quickly formulating direct, specific answers to the question at hand is probably the biggest differentiator in the AM.

Once you get a feel for the format of a quality answer and the material, practice is key. Past AM exams are your friend, as is having an actual friend who can objectively grade your practice answers (it can be really hard to benchmark your own papers).

Best of luck.

These same questions are asked each and every year. Turn on your “Analyst Mode” and check out the CFA LIII threads from previous years (hint: August).


I was able to get '09,'10,'12 exam papers and guideline answers. Just google.

'13,'14 and '15 are available on CFAI website. Guess '16 would soon be made available.

I am yet to locate '11.

Can I post external links here. Unverified with respect to Malware etc. There seems to be a Chinese website that contains Morning papers from 1999.

Hi Hedgee,

It would be a great help to me and all others, if you can please post the link to that website. K




Did you check the links mate?

I used that Chinese Website and was able to download all files with no problem/virus. I think I have 08-14 in AM papers now.