FOF and exit opps

Hi, I’m tapped for a stat arb analyst position with a FOF (9B AUM). My general impression is that FOF is more of a gatekeeper and the work does not involve fundamental analysis or asset valuation. What are some of the transferable skills and what are the chances of moving into HF, PE, or IBD. Thanks,

very difficult to move from FOF into PE, IBD, or anything that really involves transaction execution. some people think that FOF can place into PE, and anything is possible, but it is a much harder transition than you might imagine. most people in FOF find their skills to be more transferable to asset management.


don’t go to a fof if you want to do fundamental analysis or asset valuation. no overlap.

Thanks for the advices. The job market this year looks pretty tight. Will keep looking…

Agree with Numi. Willy