Fogo de Chao

so there is this all you can eat brazilian style restaurant that serves top end cuts of filet, top and bottom sirloin, flank, ribs, etc and a top end salad bar. has anyone done an NPV analysis how much to eat of which cuts to get a positive NPV?

i dont think people go there just to have some steak, most people go there to eat themselves stupid of all the different steaks and salad bar.

I wouldn’t say Fogo is a great steak house, but its still awesome.

Their margins definitely come from the salad bar, so don’t eat salad first.

In terms of NPV, just eat the more expensive cuts. That would be the outer ribeye, tenderloin, etc. The problem is that everything is pretty good, even the salad bar.

Don’t know where you’re at, but I prefer Texas de Brazil to Fogo de Chao. (They have them all over the US–it’s not just a Texas thing.) I’ve been to both and they’re similar. It’s probably six of one, half-a-dozen of the other.

I’m not a salad eater, but those who are say that their salad bar is among the best salads they’ve ever eaten.

That being said, I’m not sure that I’ll ever go back to either. Yeah the food is good and plentiful, but after so long, you’re not really savoring it. You’re just stuffing it in.

Nah. For my money, if I’m in San Antonio, I’d rather go to Bohanon’s, or in Dallas, you’ll want to go to Bob’s or to Lonesome Dove (in Fort Worth).

Love Texas De Brazil, but the sodium makes me feel sick.

You should really try “Milsa”. Google it.