follow up after interview

I had my final interview last Monday(May 3rd) and the hiring manager told me they would respond in two weeks time. Next day(May 4th) I had a short conversation with HR person and she said they would follow up early next week… I have not heard anythign from them as yet. Also I emailed everyone after my interview and hiring manager replied back that they will reach out as soon as they make a decision. Which time line should I take into account - HR or Hiring manager? Shall I email them asking for the update, this wait is killing me. Please advise.

Talking with the hiring manager is always preferred. However, if the HR manager gave you a shorter timeline, I’d talk with HR on their timeline and talk to the hiring manager on theirs.

Definitely follow up with your hiring manager. All HR is going to do is forward your e-mail to the hiring manager. Be proactive about it, reiterate your interest and if you have a competing offer, definitely tell them so. That is the quickest way to accelerate any hiring decision.

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Thank you guys. I emailed the HR person…one who gave me shorter time line and got an Out-of-Office reply… what a world! Numi I will email Hiring manager on Monday( Don’t want to appear too desperate by breaking his time line), besides I don’t have any other offer in Hand, just in the interview process at other places.