Follow up after interview

I interviewed for a position last month and haven’t heard anything back yet. I realize that these things take time (or they could have just went with someone else), however I really want this position and I have the hiring manager’s email.

I want to seem eager and interested in the job. Wat do? If yes, how should I write it? “I was just thinking about the job and wanted to check in” ? I appreciate feedback from anyone who has been in this position before or was in a hiring capacity.

A month is really long…

But I’d email and just say you’re interested and were wondering if there was an update or something along those lines.

In today’s context there can be so many reasons for a delay of about a month of no response, right from review of the position in the company to weighing the need due to some changed situation in the company or even finding you unfit, it may even be that you are at no. 2 and they have contacted no.1 but are not confirmed about his joining etc.

So, if you liked the specs of the job then from my hiring experience I would strongly suggest you just simply enquire about the status without showing undue explicit eagerness. In case they are undecided about you sometimes (not always) “wanting to seem eager” backfires due to misleading conclusions by the employer, so be careful. On the other hand every employer knows any potential candidate can’t wait indefinitely and every one (specially if he/she is good) has own limitations to remain in limbo in such matters. So simply enquire just as you would enquire about some ones decision regarding something affecting your plans.

“Without wanting to sound like I want the job, can you tell me where you are with your search?”

(not a jab at your advice, just a funny thought I had while reading it)


It may also be something to do with “whether the selection process is still on” and " I have some other commitments to make hinged to the specific outcome of this interview".