Follow up on Equity Research Assistant in Canada

Well I will take the job Offer was 55k + Paid Overtime + Annual Bonus Now my question is regarding the Annual Bonus. What % should I be expecting ? This is Equity Research at a major Canadian Bank. Thanks all

Don’t expect much. You’re an assitant, not an associate or an analyst. Unless they see you moving up quickly and a lot of future potential, don’t set your sights on a high bonus. That’s why they are paying you overtime. Assocaites and analysts don’t get overtime pay…instead they get a bonus.

I know, Im not expecting something incredible, but want to know whether or not it will be significant. My guess would be around 5K for this position, how does it sound ?

3-5K would be my ballpark guess. Obviously you won’t get that this year though.

paid overtime? damn, thats sweet.