Follow-up to "hours of sleep"

Any useful advice about how to a) remain awake / productive during office hours? b) stay “fresh” when effectively putting in 12-14hr days (incl. study)?

Good diet is key. Oatmeal in the morning. Eat lean protein (chicken, tuna, etc) and lots of vegetables and fruit throughout the day. No heavy carbs, no bread, minimal fat and sugar.

Like joemontana said…and if you can get at least half an hour of cardio exercise in there as well it really helps. Even if it’s 3-4 times a week it will make a big difference.

i completely agree… my average sleep for last one month is 5-5.5 hrs… and m feeling really very stressed out…i feel i should start drinking wine daily or elase i will get insomniac in some time…

wine actually disrupts your sleep and will not help, even though it helps you fall asleep more quickly. diet suggestions above are excellent. Also try to sleep more. Keep your weekend and weeknight schedules as similar as you’re willing to.

Going to the Gym is also a big help. Its tough during the week but I use Wednesday night as GYM night and then on both Sat/Sun I use the GYM to split the day in two.

A doctor told me the key to sleeping is not the number of hours we sleep. But, it’s up to the regularity of time we go to sleep.

Good topic. I actually have this problem often as I work long hours and arrive home late. I then have to study and I get 5-6 hours sleep maximum. I have cut down on gym and my diet is not as healthy as it should be. My main problem has been waking up and being energetic in the first hour or so of work.

I do the gym thing already. I’ve resolved to follow the ideal diet going forward… it is quite difficult though when time constraints favour popping into a restaurant for some junk on the way home… Does anyone use any (legal!) supplements except for the usual multi-vitamins?

I caught up on some sleep last night…feeling really motivated to study now! But, yeah been doing the 6 hour sleep and try to put in 3-4 hours each day and it sometimes feels so difficult especially with the memorizations…any suggestions, tricks on memorizations i.e. dis/advantages, codes (corp. governance) etc.

A timely article on this subject It boils down to the same thing – Fix Your Diet – Exercise – Establish a Morning Routine

omega 3 is a good study supplment improves brain and heart function .It improves memory and retention abilities … I cant seem to get much done on weekdays …i start falling asleep when i finally get a chance to hit the books …im scared i’m faling behind …

may be i need Brain steroids …i doubt supplements will have any positive impact on my poor daily performance

I used to run daily, 5km till jan this yr. Each time i exercise, i’ll feel quilty as i could use the time to read one more LOS. I know i should run, all the more as running lengthens my waking hours. Will try to change after this reading…this start / stop routine always take place after i took on this cfa

I am only sleeping on average 6 hours a day and I think is better to use any extra time to get an extra hour of sleep rather than going to the gym. What is more important for increasing brain activity an extra hour or sleep or an hour at the gym?

an extra hour of sleep for sure…i have stopped my gym and put on some weight … but thats fine… i will put whatever the exam demand…if i fail i should not be having that guilt that “one more week of studies could have done the trick”… the more u sweat in peace the less u bleed i war ha ha ha