I work in one of the big 5’s. This Jan I applied for a risk related position internally but didn’t even get an interview. Last week I had coffee with the hiring manager asking for some feedbacks. Turns out they are hiring right now. The hiring manager asked about my coding experience, I honestly answered I had some experience with Excel, but not SQL, SAS. He sent me an Excel test the same day asking me to complete it by the next day. Which I did. The test itself wasn’t that difficult and I am pretty sure I did it well.

In our coffee chat, he said in January he probably didn’t even have a chance to look at my resume because the HR didn’t give it to him so this time, if I would be interested, I could directly email it to him, which I did. I think we had a fairly decent conversation. We even talked about Montreal smoke meat…

The job posting was removed from our internal website two days ago…shall I expect an interview or not?

One of my concerns is that the hiring manager isnt a CFA charterholder…which doesn’t bother me. Also one of the analysts under him doesn’t even have a university background…i just hope they don’t find me “over-qualified”? I probably could have removed my CFA experience from my resume…

if job has been removed i assume its been filled. follow up with him and tell him you are still interested

^ Nope…it means the job posting period is finished (usually 2 weeks). Next comes to the interview process…

Can’t see the hurt in following up

what is a job posting period?

^the period that the job is posted online?

so if they dont get any candidatees with in the 2 weeks, the job goes unfilled?

During these two weeks, there would be tons of applciations received either online or by referrals. Then, HR will contact selected candidates for the first round interview…those beng selected will go to second round interview…during which they meet hiring managers face to face…

He talked about “smoke meat”? Was he trying to harass you, but you didn’t get the innuendo?

Anyway, it can’t hurt to follow up if you are interested in the job. If he is not interested, it won’t change anything. If he is on the fence, he will think of you again.

thats an interesting thing of doing things. we’ve always pulled job listings once a job got filled.

Montreal Smoked Meat is actually a delicious way of preparing meat for consumption. A must try when in the region.

I’d follow up with a nice email on Tuesday as it’s Easter holidays this weekend.

We don’t even pull it sometimes until the person starts.

I followed up yesterday afternoon…damn i didn’t mention Easter holidays…instead I talekd about the weather~_~…sth like hope the snow in the first few days of the spring isn’t too much of a surprise for you…>_

I just aksed about the progress in the hiring process there isn;t any reply yet we will see