i have the third overall pick in my draft. its a PPR league, 4 points for qb td, 6 points for all other TDs. who would you take? (please no mention of website links in this chain)

Argentina is playing with Brazil at 9am EST tomorrow. Just in case, if you have nothing to do at that time.

i have a draft this thursday and I haven’t even done my homework yet, but I would say 1. Ladanian 2. Adrian Peterson 3. Brian westbrook or Tom Brady I think I would lean to Tom Brady if the other 2 are off the board. If you are in league full of guys that don’t know what they are doing, Stephen Jackson may go 2, and you may steal AP at 3. He would be a lock there in any format.

TD based league huh? Similar to the one I am in. I would probably go with either Brady, Peterson or Tomlinson depending on who gets picked up first.

my biggest issue is that i HATE the patriots… hard to put my whole season on brady…

YES! now THIS is a thread i can get into. you have to figure LT is gone, then second who’s going to go? Brady or Peyton maybe? i personally hate the QB early but someone will. so as a 3 spot you have to go RB. the choices then are peterson, addai, s-jackson I’d think for you. i mean, if you want to call the 49’ers as an improved team, sure, gore is really good but it’s SF and they haven’t been good since montana/young left. similar story with lynch and the bills- just not a good enough offense to go that soon in the draft. i like reggie bush for a turn around year- either that or he’s stupid and hopeless. but he’s a 2nd rounder for you- not a 3 pick. so back to the important decision at hand. westbrook is a stud. he’s awesome. BUT, he will be hurt for you in like 3+ games. I had him his breakout year and you get verrrrrry nervous about his health. peterson is amazing but is MN going to be good enough to keep the offense on the field? with favre gone, the pack might stink though so that’s 2 games of more offense. i’d be between addai and peterson. if you’re a conservative guy i’d say go addai- he’s a proven solid choice. if you’re a bit more gutsy, i’d go peterson. if tom brady is still on the board and 1/2 doesn’t choose him, i’d say you could go that route because assuming you’re a 10 team league, i’d think that at pick 18 you’d still get a pretty solid RB and then it wraps right back again for your 2nd RB or a stud WR. so addai or peterson and if brady’s still there, pick him up if you want to rank up your RB’s here… hey… i’ll be on this forum for a while. i’m game.

Fantasy football is similar to sports betting…don’t pick things on your emotions…pick them on the quality of the player/team. Brady put up some major stats last year so it is hard to ignore. It does help that Moss has amazing hands.

i hate the Patriots more than anyone on this board, and last year I was still smart enough to draft both Brady and Moss in the second round. And even with my immense hatred, I have only one adjective to describe last year’s fantasy season: GLORIOUS. Funny enough, in that league, I also had Ladanian. My picks went, in order: 1st pick - LT, second pick (last of second round) Brady 3rd pick- 1st of third round - Moss I was undefeated all year. It wasn’t close. And then I lost in the championships by 1 point because everyone was dogging it and Brady turned into Tavarius Jackson in the second half of week 15. So I was just like the real Patriots.

i’m a wimp and never take the QB/WR same team studs. had a guy in my league a few yrs ago that had peyton/harrison. very similar to yours above, it was almost not fair. but you if you’re going to play hardcore fantasy need to think of bye weeks and end of season playoffs guys to start stocking your bench mid-season. having your 2 studs both out on the same bye week or championship week can be crushing. CFA content so this thread doesn’t get removed: playing team defenders sux dickey fuller. go individual defenders. step up to the bigtime.

Payton Manning Tom Brady Larry Johnson might be decent after a terrible year last year

If you end up taking AP, then I would definitely try and pickup Taylor as a backup since AP does have a tendency to get hurt sometimes.

I will assume LT goes #1. I say Westbrook is the next best RB in a PPR league. If Westbrook is there at #3, you take him and laugh at the guy or girl who picked 2nd. #3 is waaaaaay too early to take a QB in a PPR league. You could make an argument for Moss at #4 although there is no way he is going to repeat his 07 performance. If LT and Westy are gone, I’d take Peterson at #3. In PPR leagues, QBs should be dropped down a notch (or WRs should be bumped up depending on how you look at it). Brady is great and all but he should not be picked #3 overall in a PPR league.

Ive never played a PPR league, but am I to assume that in such a league, Michael Vick would have been the first QB off the board a few years ago?

actually no, cause vick never catches a pass. he would have to pass to himself to get points per reception (PPR) although that would be sweet if he threw a 40 yard TD pass to himself

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