For a career in AM after MBA, what's a reasonable salary+bonus?

Assume that you’re a recent MBA graduate from one of Stern/UCLA/Darden.

In a low-cost of living city like Atlanta, St. Louis, and Cleveland, what is a reasonable all-in total compensation that a person should be satisfied with for someone with no investment work experience but have 5 years of other semi-relatable work experience? How much of it tied to bonus vs salary?

Is darden the at the same level as Stern ?What About george town ?

Stern is definitely above UCLA and Darden…but Darden and UCLA are comparable. Georgetown is way below these 3. What is semi-relatable work experience?

I worked in consulting and worked on some projects for investment management clients

For the cities you mentioned, I think ~80k first year would be appropriate. Problem is that “AM” is not necessarly the best paying jobs compared to other MBA opportunities like corp finance…

Most “AM” jobs would be as financial advisor, you would be lucky to find a position at a family office/ pension fund and even in those cases the number of investment professionals are very exclusive