For all those who need encouragement

So for all those Level 3’ers who need a little pick me up, I begged BChad to post his video back up that he created last year when we were in your shoes. Watch the video, it will get you motivated for the final sprint, its worth it in the end. Thanks BCHAD!

I like it. He is so right! Why be nervous? I’m a TOKER too!

Good one. Agree with the TOKER stuff, but still nervous. But I do believe we deserve to pass…

Love it!

And Bchad comes through again, nice.

Terrific! Made my day and gave the boost I needed for the final review. Let’s take a deep breath and then go kill it (fingers crossed)!

Nicely done BChad. Gotta love the internet.


BChad - Would you consider reposting this video for the last few days for those of us at Level 3? That is, if you still have it? If you would rather not - for privacy reasons - completely understandable.

Just thought I’d ask.


PM him… not sure if he’s monitoring this forum.

says video is private :frowning: