For all those who tore the CFA pledge paper in AM session

Are you idiots ??!!

The proctors read out the instructions because they were told to do so to spend 15 minutes.

Even if you didnt listen, coulndt you read?

It was on first page !!

How would you read clients’ IPS after getting the charter ?? :stuck_out_tongue:

PS: I am frustated because I lost 10 minutes of my lunchtime because the proctor was busy scolding two of you, writing remarks in her sheet and then calling her seniors to explain the situation. :smiley:

That’s ridiculous

For all those?? Meaning there were many who tore it?

There was this guy next to me, who had closed his booklet 10 mins ago but couldnt leave the exam hall. But as soon as the procter announced close your booklet, he opened it!!!

Was ths at Thakur?

tear or not, it is othr people’s business.

you should post respectly, instead of saying others idiot.

a san.

I believe some candidates were idiots at my center too. Some didn’t write their name or number correctly and the proctors had to come and find them and get all the details filled up. And one proctor was a real bitch at my center. I guess 3 proctors were assigned to check each candidate’s calculator and passport and whether the candidate signed the pledge or not. One bitch checked whether I’d signed the pledge and didn’t close my book. I didn’t even realise that and on the right side of the booklet, the page showed no of questions and the mintues assigned to each. One proctor had to tell me that I’m not supposed to reach the topic weightings and the booklet must be closed. I hope a report’s not been written because of that.

@CFA_10 yes at thakur :smiley: @sooraj 2/50 in my room. so i assumed the sample was suggestive enough :stuck_out_tongue:

Who are you to lecture others on respect and courtesy when you end your post by calling the op a derogatory name in your own language? Your actions not only reflect negatively upon yourself, but also your country and CFA candidates in general.

For those dont know, “a san” is a derogatory term for indians/brown ethnicities in Chinese.

Thanks KPKP for that. I dont think any one of us knew that…

As you rightly pointed out, irony at its best then from Mr.Chan!