For all you energy analysts out there

That is…if there any left.

Here’s an article in today’s local paper. Lays out the case for $10/bbl oil.

And if I may toot the horn for our local paper…

If you are an energy analyst, you should consider getting a subscription to the Midland Reporter Telegram. Probably 50% of the stories are all oil and gas related. Kinda annoying if you live here and aren’t in the business, but it’s heaven to those who geek out with the oil field.

If you flip a coin five times, tails “could” show up everytime. My reason is that it’s possible. I put the chances around 3.125%. This is more actionable than that article. When are these clowns going to learn a call without a probability is useless. They must just like to hear themselves “speak.”

So I assume this guy is triple leveraged short and going to make a killing when it happens right?