for band 10 failures, who has finally turned in the retab form to cfai?

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I did - paid my 100 bucks and will wait and see. Not holding out much hope but if you’re a band 10-er it’s got to be worth a shot. On the 80/60/40 principle (for what it’s worth) I scored +/- 62%. But there’s about 700 of us Band 10-ers in L3 so, unless I was ranked in the top 1-10 of that bunch and a few marks miraculously fall onto the pages, I’m pretty much screwed. But I would always wonder what if…

Just got my response: “As requested, your June 2008 CFA® examination was manually retabulated to ensure that no errors were made in the scoring of your examination. Your examination was verified by candidate number and name and was carefully reviewed to ensure that each answer was graded and that the score was recorded correctly. The total score of your answer book and answer sheet was compared to your total score in the CFA Institute database. No errors were found and your original score remains unchanged.” For what it’s worth, my 40/60/80 was 60%. $100 well spent in my opinion, despite the outcome. Of course, the phrase “more money than brains” does come to mind.