Hey Joey, I probably never reached out to you directly but you probably would have read few of my posts here and there. After much discussion and research i am contemplating on doing MSc Fin. from University of London- distance learning. Just wanted one honest opinion from you since you have greater amount of wisdom than many of us here. Thanks in advance for your response. Anish

I think you forgot to include a question.

and the Question is… Shall he go for this program?is it worth?any other options?? etc,etc .

…boxers or briefs?, etc.

RDX Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > and the Question is… > Shall he go for this program?is it worth?any other > options?? etc,etc . YES. Sorry for not stating it clearly? Thanks, Anish

curious to know the answer myself because i was thinking about it too before i knew about CFA…

I don’t know that I have greater wisdom than many or maybe any of the people here. I am older than most, however. Anyway, I think that would be an exciting program to be involved with and would probably help your employability. If you have the time, money, background, and desire for this and don’t have the situation in which you can go to a standard classroom, it would be a fine choice. I can’t compare it to other similar programs, because I just don’t have that expertise.

Joey, thanks for the feedback. The position that I am in right now is that I only have an undergrad degree in accounting from India, 3 yrs of work experience in accounting, and two CFA levels. I very well understand that there is no way any top MBA school would consider my application because i do not have any divirsified background picture. So i want to do this MSc while i gain more work experience and finish my CFA, before I apply to any MBA programs. I may not even want to do an MBA after my CFA and this MSc but so far thats the plan. BTW, I am 24 only. I should be fine with all this. Thanks again. Anish

Good luck and we all wish you success.

Anish, I thought you are in NYC, no?

Thanks Joey. cfaboston28, Yes, I am in NYC. Been working here since I moved from India in 2005 =). Regards.