For June09 LI takers

Hi guys, I wanted to know for those sitting for June 09, how are your studies going on. Where are you actually in your studies? Can you stick to your schedule coz I have a lot of difficulties in doing what I have planned for?

It’s going really slow :frowning: My plan is posted here: So far I have been adjusting the plan because I end up spending way more days than was originally planned. Sigh. I should have started this way earlier.

No need to freak out rayllionaire. We’re all way ahead of schedule as it is (dude, the exam is in 7+months! Most won’t register until like January or something). I’m going at it really slow as well. Beginning of next year I think I can say goodbye to a social life altogether. I have a lot of difficulty concentrating when studying and I loose a heck of a time with that (I hope that will improve over time). For now I’m plan is just to read the CFAI text to get a first glimpse of it all (there’s no point in cramming now and forget all about it afterwards!). Then, in Feb/Mar, start reading Schwese’s notes and doing a ton of exercises. I am going to start reading stuff on weekdays too even if just a little bit. Leaving it just for weekends is not enough. Starting SS3 tonight!

Nah I’m not freaking out… just that I often deal with deadlines and project plans like this–so I’m very aware when things are delayed again and again. I was planning to skip Ethics until much later–but after seeing that it has 36 questions(!) I think that’ll be my next after finishing SS2.

Working commitment is killing me as well. No harm starting early. Is a good choice to skip Ethics for supper.

Approx 2 hours on weekdays and 8 hours on the weekend till now…have completed going over Quant, Eco and FSA (this weekend) once…this is not a thorough reading, just to get a measure of the topics and judge difficulty levels.

I started week and a half ago and I put on my first 12 hours of study last week. So far I’ve covered Ethics and half of Quant (I’m going in order using Schweser btw), so I should be on schedule to finish everything by Feb next year or so. Let me tell you, putting on 12 hours it’s hard if you have a social life and like football (go Giants!), so next year it will def be no going out at all. I think we are all pretty wise to start early and take our time to learn the massive amounts of info for this test. Think about it this way, by the time other candidates will be worried about finishing up all the material, we will be already reviewing and doing practice exams.

I am done with Quant, Econ and a little over 3/4 of FSA. I am using CFAI texts. It seems that I am getting ahead, but I know after I finish reading all 6 volumes, I have to back to read lots of stuffs esp Quant, somehow it is always my weakest part, I am always itimidated by it :(.

Gugu, how long have you been studying?

Man, you’re FAST! I just finished taking notes for Reading 5, 6, and 7. Gotta try to finish 8 tomorrow and start with Ethics…

elrecio81, I officially started around the end of July. That was when I registered, and they sent me the books. I dont have a finance background, so I know I have to start early.

My goal was to get through all texts by Jan/Feb and then take on Schwesher to drill it in. Done with Quant and Econ and starting FSA but it is slow going. I find it hard to get motivated when the test is so far away. Don’t have a finance background though so I need to take my time.

Does it help if you have a plan that can tell you how your target is gonna get impacted? I use a simple Excel/Zoho sheet to track my progress (I posted the link somewhere above in this thread) So far seeing how the deadline gets bumped whenever I experience delays is motivation enough for me! I just started in October BTW

oh GOD! you guys are so FAST! i haven’t even registered yet infact havent even made my mind totally for CFA…need to decide ASAP…bcoz i want to appear for June 09

If you haven’t got a family yet, it’s better. No social life? Perfect. Then you won’t miss much :stuck_out_tongue: