For last time----what do you think mps will be ?


very tuff exam so, 63ish

“Well, let me tell you the rest of that story” © Zig ZIglar Don’t even think the pass rate will be higher then the L1. I assume that the value of the charter on the job market is one of paramounts of the CFAI. You will defenetely will not want to have a charter if it does not give you benefits. So, they are deciding how many new charterholders are to be realesed, due to the crysis the current markets and so on. After all, nobody wants to see unemployed new charterholders. But L1 candidates are the fuel of the engene, so they are intrested to let the maximum people to get in the system. But L2 folks are different - they are already ‘in’ and they will retake the test since they ‘never give up’. So their pass rate could be lower if the demand for the charterholders the next year is going to decline. that is what I think.

cant you say any good thngs ? like above posted did but anyway you are quite right but i thnk passing % will be close to 45

38-42. not more.

Hope you are wrong :slight_smile:

FYI for the last few posters- the MPS is the minimal passing score not the pass rate. The MPS is never release but is usually assumed to be some where between 60 - 70 %

i thnk we know difference between mps and passing rate

chiank123 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > i thnk we know difference between mps and passing > rate Look at DSLHU’s post. So no

god people are feeling grumpy.

Low 60s

64, But we can never know

Sorry!! ahh… MPS… 65…

more than 0% - ha

and less than 100% ^