For level 1 passer

Do you all received the letter specified whether you passed from CFAI? it has been almost 2 months since level 1 result is released but I still haven’t got the letter(although i check in the internet for the result) Let me know if some of you have already got it?

What letter? Passed level one last year. I have never heard of any letter

There is no letter. The website… that’s all the proof you’ll ever get.

If you want a letter, you’ll have to print out the results from the website, put it in an enveloppe, adress it to yourself, stamp it, drop it at the post office … and then it should only be a matter of days :slight_smile:


No. I remember a colleague getting a congratulatory letter last year. It was in his physical inbox.

I received a kind of congratulatory email, but actually, something like ask you to be a member email.

You *definitely* do not get any confirmation of your passing in snail mail. The only useful snail mail you’ll ever get from the institute is your charter when/if you make it to the finish line at El-3 (ahem, I mean, L3).

it seemed that last time my gf, taking in year 2004 or 2005 did receive a letter from CFAI specifying the result(btw she failed) guess maybe only those fail will get the letter from CFAI? i am surpised to find out there is no letter of being issued to us (atleast letterhead of the letter is from CFAI) despite we pay for a high exam fee :stuck_out_tongue:

Keat1979, that was me who sent your gf the letter. I broke into the CFA database that year and sent all the people who failed physical letters stating that not only did they fail, but that they personally had the lowest score out of anyone who took the test that year. I did this in the hopes that the extra kick in the balls would encourage them to quit the program altogether, and therefore make my CFA designation (god-willing) all the more valuable. So…did it work? P.S. - As an extra bonus I was hoping I could get at least a handful of them to kill themselves because of the embarrassment and provide even more job openings for yours truly. I rule.

hahah dam skillionaire…rough day?

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