For LII passed last year,

Did the CFAI have many 2 parts sub-questions for each individual question on Level II last year? I read through the forum from last June, looked like that the exam only had 1 part answer. Please advise.

Each vignette has 6 questions associated with it. There are (supposedly) no double jeopardy questions in L2.

yes- there are a lot of 2 answer problems in L2. in fact, most of the acctg stuff was this way. (ie. 1 problem asks two separate things—ROE and ROA for example) but as McLeod says, there is no double jeopardy

That is right, you also had some questions similar to level one where you would have two statements and you would have the infamous Yes Yes Yes No No Yes No No choices. Not sure how they are going to do this with 3 choices. Schweser started showing questions with Yes No No Yes Yes Yes or No No

Yes, similiar to Scheser practice exams, there will be alot of two part answers on the exam. These are tricky because the first part may be a no-brainer from the core curriculem, but the second part may be some obscure statement that could be from the margins of the text and be 99.9% correct except one word.

Wait until level III where double jeopardy is allowed.