For LII retakers

Hi, I have just passed Level I in December and unfortunately would not be able to sit for LII this June 09.( i am due with my first baby in 4 weeks)))) I will be signing up for June10. However, I feel like the material is way harder than LI and given my background I will need to start reading and studying early. I am not sure when is the first day I can sign up for LII10…but not now…Hence-----> Does any of the retakers want to donate/sell for a small fee their LII2008 curriculum? I assume if you are retaking, they have sent you another set of books…Please, let me know and e-mail to kseniaru @ Thanks a lot!!!

If you are signing up for 2010, you will be able to sign up in I’d say July or August 2009. That is more than enough time to study. Congrats on the baby, enjoy your newborn and forget about the test till July or August.