For Part 2, GARP books a necessity?

Are Schweser Notes/Q-Bank + BT Videos & Practice Questions sufficient to pass FRM Part 2? While we’re over 5 months away from the exam, I’m really trying to circumvent the GARP readings.

Steer clear of the GARP stuff. Top many words etc. I used Shwesser only for FRM2 and did well. Bionic Turtle is probably just as good.

I used Schweser and Bionic Turtle in combination for both parts 1 and 2. Didn’t read the original material.

I am of the firm opinion that buying the official books for these kinds of professional exams (e.g. CFA, FRM, etc), will help you pass, whether you read them or not. It’s all part of the racket - sorry to be so cynical.

Buy them, and read them if you like (they may be helpful as background reading, or to clarify Schweser-induced confusions)