For people who couldn't make it !

I am one of the 58% who couldn’t make through the exams of CFA level 2. The bad thing is not studying again…but waiting for a year before u get to appear it again…

I wished the institute had level 2 exams twice a year just like level 1 !

How about writing an heartful mail to the institute requesting them to conduct the level 2 exams twice ?

looks like no one is in for giving level 2 again so soon !

CFA uses the thousands

I am sure the CFA has got a lot of such mails before… also there was a post of sending a petition to CFA on this matter a month back or something… I wonder what happened to that! Hmm

It’s hopeless. It’s in CFA’s self-interests to make the Charter harder to obtain.

Ummmm, their reasoning for not having it twice a year are most likely because of the numbers and the amount of time it takes to actually prepare for the exam. It would only be in the interests of those who failed in June for which they wouldn’t make up the numbers to have an exclusive exam. You must remember that those that choose to write for level 1 in December are majority first time takers and have the opportunity to start in May or June. For level two, you would never have that luxury unless you had waited a whole year to write. Also, there is about half the level 2 candidates as there is level 1. Also, even if you could write in December for level 2, then you’d wait for results to come out in Jan and then start studying for level 3 to write in June 2013? I dont think you’d have enough time as a first time taker of level 3.